Infecting Paranoid Minds

by Incontinence

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This is our debut album...we hope you like it! Infecting Paranoid Minds has been a labor of love, love for catchy, brutal, hypnotic and especially chunky death metal. Influences for this record include but not limited to Suffocation, Vengeful, Dawn of Demise, Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus. Other heavy influences include the "big4," VoiVod, Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, Priest, Maiden, OverKill and Exodus. Aside from loving to make music and jam together, we are all fans of metal music through and through...this album is absolutely "by fans, for fans."


released September 17, 2014

Incontinence is:
David Seacord-Guitars/Vocals
Dave Matthews-Guitars/vocals
Eric Boyd-Bass
John Glassbrenner-Drums

All music and Lyrics by Incontinence, 2014 all rights reserved.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Crunchmaker Studio by Chris Costakis and Jared Weed

Additional vocals on "Regurgitated Incontinence" by Dustin Rose
Additional vocals on "The Stagnation" by Scott Savaria
Guest guitar solos on "Infected" by Jared Weed

Artwork by Jesse Levitt
Logo by Matt Kelly and Phil Shannon
Band photos by Carly Glassbrenner



all rights reserved


Incontinence Albany, New York

We are a death metal band based around the Albany, NY area. While Incontinence hasn't been around for all that long, John, Dave and Dave have been jamming together for over ten years. John's best friend Eric joined the fold in early 2013 to complete the lineup. Other noteworthy bands the guys are in/have been in: Held Under (NY), Skinless, Burial, Dry Heave, Armor Column. ... more

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Track Name: Regurgitated Incontinence
You've spent your lives...speaking before listening, obsessed with hate.
Infectious lies, they boil inside your innards...they seal your fate.

Binge and purge till mind's deflated.
You have lost all your control...

Worms twist and burrow, deep within the intestines, forced up from rectum.
Stomach churning, pushing the shit up last you heave...

Binge and purge till mind's deflated.
You have lost all your control...

of oral facilities...

Fecal matter splatters on cold ground.
Vitriolic chunks contaminate the world.
Steaming, foul, nauseating stench and sound,
spewing forth from your mouth, disgusting fucking dogs!

Disease infecting your digestive system,
causing you to shit in reverse.
Incontinence of these paranoid minds,
ensuring a lifetime of curse.
Track Name: The Stagnation
How quickly we go from life to not giving a fuck.
The pain of life has settled in, and all emotion is gone.
These ways have grown so tiring, but this is all I know, my everything!

Without my friend, my misery I wouldn't be the same.
She has taught me to accept defeat without complaint.
Embrace your living hell, carry on the name!

Coursing through veins of ice.
A wealth of disgust and lies.

Disgust and lies.
Fully realized.
Mentally, the end of line.
Cyclical waste of time.

An impressing accumulation of twisted thoughts and dreams..
Distorted reflections of hope that infect my memories.
The outcome not left to chance, but programmed in the seed.
A gutted translation of life, ravished like a fiend.

This stagnation, enduring.
Desire to move on, it's burning.
End forced complacency.
Form a new reality.
Track Name: Paralysis of Analysis
Enslaved to my indecisions.
The choices I'm given.
What mistakes will they lead to next?
Paralyzed by the fear that I'll fail.

Again, again, will it never end?
(the fear that tears my life apart, so I give up before I start.)
Again, again, till the bitter end.
(every moment of my life controlled by what the unknown hides!)

Awake at night, thought racing through my head.
Waiting for ideas/still waiting, ideas that end up dead.
What shall pass?
So unsure, and now/still I don't know!

Drenched in a sweat. Another regret. The list never ends.
Though, I know that I don't want to, I'll do it again.
There's no escape. The choices, I've made. So now I must pay!
No one should have to exist such a life, to lose constantly.

The fear, analyzed. Life, Paralyzed.

The fear analyzed...paralyzed.
Track Name: Vortex of Devoured Souls
Wake up… let your the light.
It is prepare…for the same things…you encountered yesterday.
Running, waiting, worrying, debating,
Nauseous, Anxious, Jealous, helpless

The World is turning/burning/dying, yet you’re complacent.
You strived for nothing as you came and went
The Vortex rips away part of your soul,
Haves, not have-nots, locked you in control.

Voices… louder now…evil thoughts…dominate your time
Those in power…they would never…let you in…on their elitist plans.
Plotting, pleading, double dealing,
Worthless, spineless, duress, helpless.

...Until your death.

Suffer…with no way out.
Suffocate…your dreams in doubt.

Sit at home at the end of your day,
mind adjusts to a drug-induced haze.
Your aching heart palpatates from rage.
Your story, it never turns the page.

...until your death.
Track Name: Damaged Goods
Clutching at past successes,
So desperate to stay as relevant as you once were.
To what depths of depravity will you lower yourself?
How much of your family's wealth is squandered as you see fit?

The wicked queen of your child's nightmare.
The succubus of a man's wellness.
The father figure frowned upon by everyone.
Black sheep, heads turned away from you!

Your skin, it rots away in time.
Organs mutating.
Cancer destroys you from inside.
As you gradually waste away.

Close your eyes, it is your time to die.
Your selfishness hath wrought your demise.
Go ahead and place yourself on high.
Close your eyes, close your eyes!
Tumors incubating in your brain.
Ravaged soul, I see it burn in flames.
Defecating on your world of shame,
Burn in flames, burn in flames!

The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Now burn in flames!
Track Name: Waiting at your Bedside
Living in this world they've created,
Keeping me peacefully sedated.
I've learned to give in and take it.
Relax accept the change!

The outcome wasn't what they had predicted.
A second guess was on the prescription.
Soon to come to the realization,
The truth comes out at night!

Waiting at your bedside, the medication.

Breathe the disease, breed the addiction.
Breathe the disease, breathe the addiction.

You've ingested, now bed rested.
You're reliant, they're compliant!

A nation of future dependents,
raped of the will they've been given.
To justify your buried oppressions,
Brought into the light!

Waiting at your bedside, your medication.